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Bladeless Drone: World’s First?

Stephano Rivellini was tired of larger drones being dangerous, due to their high-speed propellers. Even with prop guards, they can still catch fingers and nearby objects. His idea? Ducted fans with long tubes. The long tubes make it impossible to get a finger or hand into the fans. In fact, the design is so safe…
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World’s Largest Racing Drone

What do you do when a company sends you large motors and motor controllers for free? You build a giant drone, of course! That’s what the guys at Flite Test did recently. They modeled a typical racing drone and scaled it up by a huge factor. They attached two real FPV cameras and a fake,…
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Man Catches Monster Bass With Drone

David Freiheit didn’t think it would work. He simply attached a lure to his DJI Phantom 2+ drone and started trolling. What happened next? Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Holy crab apples! Before he knew it, he had caught the biggest fish of his life! His reaction with his family is probably the best…
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