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Can a Leaf Blower Fly?

YouTuber Peter Sripol set out to answer this question. He wanted to see if you could take a (mostly) stock leaf blower, add wings and electronics, and fly. The initial discovery was that the gas-powered Ryobi blower didn’t have much thrust compared to its weight. Some different configurations to the nozzle were tried, without success.…
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Huge 1/4 Scale F-16 Takes Maiden Flight

You know you have a cool R/C jet when you have a guy standing by with a fire extinguisher! Imagine the stress of taking off and landing a newly-finished, expensive plane like the one below. This quarter scale F-16 replica is fitted with four turbine engines. The max speed isn’t clear, but the sound the…
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Ten Biggest R/C Planes!

Here is a collection of some of the biggest radio control airplanes ever made! A detailed list of each one is below the video, if you’re curious what’s in the 14+ minute video. We have gone through the video to pick out the important details from each of the ten models, along with the timestamps,…
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